Kindle Giveaway

From the desk of Kitty K. Free:

Hello World!

I’m smiling big right now, because I feel I’m on the cusp of something big.  I’m the author of Confessions of a Serial Masturbator.  A novel about a strawberry cheesecake addicted, bookkeeper, who transforms from wallflower to self-pleasure cult hero (You should check it out.  It’s an awesome read!). I’m in the process of getting the name of the book, and my name, out to as many people as possible. So, I’m having a giveaway on Kindle 11/23-11/24/12.  If you’re an author who’s not formatted for ebooks,  I’d highly suggest stepping into the digital arena.  Especially with Kindle, where you can sign up for KDP Select and become part of the Kindle Lending Library (make money every time your book is borrowed), and get free promo days to give away your books.  Why give away your books?  If you’re an unknown author, like myself, giveaways are a great way for the world to learn about you and your product.

So that’s what the kid is up to right now.  Giving away books this Friday and Saturday. Also, the day after Christmas through mid January is a great time to have free and discounted ebooks because so many people will be gifted e-readers and anxious for books to read, so make yourself available!  Don’t miss out on the KDP opportunity!  Trust me, it can only help your sales.



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