My neighbors are far from the neighbors from hell, but they are some inconsiderate so & sos. And I don’t even want to say they, because as far as I know the lady of the house is fine. But the man is a producer and blasts his music so loud that the walls and floors of my home vibrate. It’s so loud it sounds like it’s in my home. Our homes are separated by about ten feet of land. That means his music is reaching over to my home. It’s 4:29 am and I hear his music. He plays it anytime of day. There is no peace. I’ve spoken to him once about it, last week. He was apologetic, but he must’ve thought it was a one time thing because he was quiet that night, and went back to the same shit the next day. So I spoke to his wife about it about two days ago. I’m listening to the music right now. I don’t know what to do. What do you do when talking doesn’t work with grown people?

I’m going to talk to them again. It’s been going on for a year at least now. I should’ve said something when it first started, but I didn’t want to be a nag. Which was so dumb on my part now that I’m thinking about it. He’s a producer. I get it. But I’m not a producer. I work every day and I need my fucking sleep. Yet it’s like I’m working with him. I should knock on his door right now. If that doesn’t work….


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