This Morning…

I woke up from a horrible dream at about 4:30am. Bruce Willis was a serial killer. Some lady was his accomplice, and another woman and I were caught up in it. We were his accomplices too, but it wasn’t by choice. We didn’t actually do anything. At one point he was riding a motorcycle with a half a body attached to the back, dripping blood into a bag. His real accomplice looked like an actress whose name I can’t think of. Her hair was unnaturally blonde, and she has a sharp evil nose.

Finally in the dream the killing stopped, but it stopped with a killing. Some motorists had stopped to try to help us for some reason, because we were pulled over on the road, and they started killing them. The other woman and I tried to stop it and I think the police finally came.

We’d assumed the killers were dead, but in the last two scenes of the dream, they were alive and BW was getting out of jail, and the woman said something like “1 million dollars to anyone that kills the lawyer!” The other woman and I were shocked to see they were alive and we started running and I said to her, “We need to train to kill this bitch,” and the woman chased us, with a zombie face.

I really like Bruce Willis. I’m not sure why my mind picked him. He’s been in dreams of mine before, but this is the first time he played a bad role.

Now, granted, I’d watched a few scary movie trailers on YouTube, so maybe that’s why I had the dream. I always have explicit dreams and some of them read like movies. They’re usually fun. I dream in color, and with lots of movement. So when I have a gruesome dream, it’s really graphic.

Anyway. That’s how this morning started. I’ve been up since then. Woke up to “King of the Hill”, which means I went to sleep watching the cartoon channel, so it wasn’t anything on there. Maybe “Superjail” was on before that? I don’t know.



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