April’s, Angry, Stupid, Sticky-Sweet, Heartbreak Diary

aprils heartbreak diaryI started a new series of very short entries in the imaginary diary of April Bloom. A thirty-something year old woman who is coping with a heartache which she is determined will not break her down. I posted the first episode today on my hubpages account. Hopefully, someone will read it :).

Also, I just looked on Amazon today and I’ve received my 18th, 5 star review for, Confessions of a Serial Masturbator. Which I’m very excited about!

Here’s the link to the series: http://kittykfree.hubpages.com/hub/Aprils-Angry-Stupid-Sticky-Sweet-Heartbreak-Diary.

One of the worst parts about being a writer, or any artist, is that you are looking for someone’s approval. It doesn’t necessarily matter whose it is – you just want it. One of the best parts is when you get it! Each time you don’t get it, it leaves a callus on you and causes you to toughen up. You can’t fall apart every time someone doesn’t like your work. Your aim is not to please everyone. But you do want to at least please someone other than yourself. And if you’re like me, you’re suprised every time it does.



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