Golden Waves by Evgeni DivevThe ocean is so inspirational for me. I love water. If I lived near one, I’d be in it right now! I love the way it moves; its smell; its texture. The fact that it can overpower me at will. It doesn’t care about me, but I wouldn’t—I couldn’t—be alive without it.

Since I no longer live along the east coast, I am unable to see the ocean. So I enjoy what I can. The vein that runs through the semi-center of the country, separating the east from the west: the mighty Mississippi. She’s scary, smelly and murky. She’s been ravaged by industrialization. Years of ships passing through have polluted her beauty. Tears well in my eyes when I look at her. I have the same feeling about the ocean, but it seems there’s more hope for the ocean. I guess because I can’t see both sides of it the way I can see the other side of the river. I can see both sides of ugly environmental evil at the Mississippi. It’s heartbreaking and it makes me feel helpless.

Still, it’s an awesome wonder. Though I can’t step into it, like I can the ocean, it still soothes me. I love being there. It makes me feel, or reminds me, that I can be anywhere but here. I don’t have to remain stagnant. I can flow. I just need to be bold like the river. No matter who does what, that river is still there.


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