Africa Fashion Week New York (AFWNY)

Mikaila 1
Thanks to a woman who has turned out to be a great friend indeed, I was privy to VIP seating at Africa Fashion Week New York’s show on Friday 7/19/13. It was AMAZING! My friend is Mikaila Brown, a dynamic woman, with unbelievable talent. Like me, she came to NY to pursue her passion, which in her case is fashion. Her line Aliakim, was the first featured at the show and her designs were stunning.

We met while apartment hunting. We were both waiting to meet a broker in front of an apartment in Brooklyn. The broker showed up late for my appointment; she showed up early for hers, so we collided by accident, or by kismet. New York real estate is a cut throat game. So, the fact that we were both waiting to see the same apartment could have turned into an ugly competitive situation. Instead, we were friendly with each other, saw the apartment together, and then went to see three more apartments together with the broker. We have been friends since.

Here are just a few of her designs taken with my Iphone (yes I’ve been forced into the new millennium with my phone because my old one went haywire). It was such an awesome event. The other three designers at the event were Ms. Ray Couture, Demesticks NYC by Reuben Reuel, and Khadija Moroccan.
Mikaila 4
It felt so good to see so many gorgeous dark skinned women in the same place. Because of my complexion I am very cognizant of the fact that there are hardly any dark skinned women anywhere in the media. Seeing them on the runway, with all that style and grace, and the reaction of the audience, was completely elevating. I love my complexion, but I’ve accepted that most of the world does not. Seeing it in this manner reinforced a lot of my aspirations, not only as a dark skinned woman, but just as a woman in general.
Mikaila 3Mikaila 5Mikaila 2
See more of her designs at Also, she is extremely socially aware and a portion of her proceeds goes to programs that assist in the saving of child soldiers in the Sudan. How awesome is that? 



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