Rude 21

rue 21Rude 21.  That is what at least one of Rue 21’s retail locations should be named.  Attention has been brought to a situation of size discrimination.  One which I am sure they would prefer to have left out of national headlines.  A fourteen year old girl, who was on her first independent clothes shopping trip, was directed to leave Rue 21’s, Eugene, Oregon location by a retail employee who said she was too big to shop there.

Essie king ish

I spoke to my good friend, and body positive advocate, Essie Golden, about this situation early last week when I first saw the story.  She confided in me about her own run-ins with retailers.  I have not experienced this particular type of discrimination, which she assures me is not limited to retail stores.  But, I have been discriminated

against in other ways, and the feeling is, for lack of a better term, shitty.

Lo and behold, Essie was asked to submit an article to about the incident.  She did so last night and it was posted just hours ago.  It’s already at number 1!

According to sources (which can be viewed in the article), Rue 21 is investigating the incident.

I have always had a problem with people who chose to go out of their way to make others feel bad.  And to hear that it’s happened to a little girl, or a friend pisses me off!  But I have to remember, there are a lot of unhappy people in this world and they will do anything to make everyone else unhappy too.  So it is up to us as individuals to stand proud and strong in the face of their stupidity.  Whether that be verbally, and/or in the case of dealing with a retail establishment, withholding money – do something!  Don’t be afraid to fight.  Don’t be afraid to be heard.  You are worth it.  We all are.   Do not allow anyone to define you, or steal your sunshine!


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