Just Checking In


For Valentine’s day I had an argument online with my ex.  Good times.  Other than that, the day went along as normal.  Went to work.  On the way to work, the 5 train switched to the 2 train because of a sick passenger, which added some extra time to my trip.  I already had a good seat so I didn’t get off.  I took it straight to Atlantic Ave.  On the way back home, the 5 train switched to the 2 train again.  No explanation was given that time.  It went back to the 5 by the time we got the Bronx.  I suspect that on the way to work there really may not have been a sick passenger. Who knows?  It’s better than driving from the Bronx to Brooklyn every day.  That would be a real nightmare.  Especially, with these slick roads.


I’m working on a story about a woman who returns to her home town.  I’m sure it will be loosely based on my return to NY.  But my life is entirely too boring to write about.  I’m single, childless and loaded with bills.  The one bit of drama I had in my life has been removed.

There are actually a few books I’m working on (shut up about my preposition placement!).  And now I am working with an editor that used to work for the NYT!  I am most excited.

I keep telling myself life is what I make it, but I keep sitting on my ass.  Literally.  Like, right now, I’m sitting on my ass.  I have grocery shopping to do, writing to work on.  Instead, I’ve been watching Youtube videos like a feign.


I just wanted to check in since I have a blog.  I guess I should write in it.  No one is reading it though.  I know because I checked LOL!  Invisible even amongst my friends.  Actually, that’s not fair to my friends.  That was just the dramatic writer in me talking.  That was Kitty K. Free.


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