I hadn’t planned on doing a Biggie post, because I know everyone is doing one. Rightfully so, because he’s one of the best to ever do it. But to know me is to understand my affinity for hip hop. There are only four solo MCs and one group of Mcs to ever make me want to absorb their music like sunlight. Who had songs where their lyrics, music, voice, cadence, & the way they rode the beat, just all blended together in a way that literally brought tears to my eyes. Not even because of the messages of the songs, just the aura of them. They have light that shines so bright that I was moved from my soul. I’m a hip hop zealot so I know some may think being moved in that way is not normal. But, I know some of you get it. Biggie’s “Unbelievable”, “Who Shot Ya”, and “Suicidal Thoughts”, are three of those songs. Songs with that run-out-the-room factor.

I’m writing this to explain my previous post. I’m not suicidal! Not by far. I think it’s one of the most selfish acts anyone can commit. You stay here and be miserable with the rest of us! Don’t cop out! But this song is just brilliant.


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