Speaking It into Existence: Some of the things I want in the next five years.

Yes, I'm a wannabe guitarist!
Yes, I’m a wannabe guitarist!

I have a lot of dreams. Most of us do. But only some of us make them come true. We all have the ability to make our dreams real. But what separates us, are those who strive to make their dreams come true at all cost, and those who give up. There are many different reasons why people give up. The only valid one, in my humble opinion, is sickness. Everything else can be overcome one way or another. In some cases, even sickness. My ancestors did not survive American slavery so that I could just be some unhappy working drone. And your ancestors, whoever they are, did not make it through human history for you to be unhappy either! So, as long as I remain healthy, I expect the following to at least begin, if not realized, in the next five years:

My first Earthship. Either in upstate NY or Georgetown SC.

A family with a handsome, supportive husband, I can believe in, that believes in me, and is willing to live in an Earthship, & will repeatedly knock me up (and it’s ok if he has kids already because I want a huge family).

To be a successful writer, and make a living doing what I love (This includes novels, plays, screenplays, comic books/graphic novels, poetry, television and webshows, and non-fiction books).

To buy homes for my mother and grandparents. (I’d prefer them to live in Earthships too, but I doubt they’ll go for it. My mom might be game. We’ll see!)

To get my mom a RV, and EVERYTHING she can think of. She’ll never have to worry about money every again.

Not to ever punch a clock on someone else’s dime. Self-employment is the goal.

To travel with my sister Michelle somewhere awesome and to give her anything in the world she wants.

To chill with my big bro Lovell whenever I want and be there for him like he’s been for me (He won’t take money from me, so I have to find other ways to support him).

Vacation with my personal lunatic LaShunda H.B., and hopefully repay her family for their hospitality and constant support.

To help the dreamers who are doers in my life, especially Lizette Rodriguez-Hernandez, and Essie Golden.

Vacation with my girl, the fabulous, and amazing Neffie, who has inspired me more than she’ll ever know.

To hang out with wonderful and spectacular De’ja M. wherever in the world she will be at the time.

Be fluent in Spanish and German.

To link up with the creators of the Chipolte model about a restaurant idea I have because their model is AWESOME!

Master the guitar.

To step out of the Matrix.

Hilary Clinton to be president.

That’s it for now. Of course the last one is the only one I don’t have any control over, but everything else is doable :).

What are some of your dreams? Write a list. Even if it’s just written in your mind. See it. This time last year, I envisioned myself in NY. I didn’t know how I was going to get back home. I didn’t know where I would live or work. I just knew that someway, somehow I’d be here. And here I am, working on my goals. It’s probably not going to be easy. But as they say, nothing worth it ever is.



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