Manager & Staff Attack Patrons at Chacho’s in Houston, TX

It is against policy at most companies (I would say all, but I’m sure there are exceptions somewhere) for employees to put their hands on others. Regardless of that, it is illegal to put your hands on someone, unless it is in self-defense. So, when I watched this video I thought, fire all those who participated and jail time. I have never heard of this restaurant before. The entire country will know about them soon enough though, because this vid is all over social media. National news coverage is probably not far behind.

According to a local Houston news station, the customer was trying to leave the restaurant with alcohol, which is illegal. The police were called by the restaurant, but the manager took it upon himself to act, instead of waiting for the police, as he should have. The manager has been suspended, and the restaurant is doing an investigation.

Talk about a public relations fiasco! I am most curious to see how the owners of this restaurant will respond after their investigation is complete. I hope those women press charges and file suit. The restaurant should press charges too and file suit against the employees for endangering the wealth of their business. I don’t know if that is a thing, but I would want to sue my employees for making me look bad, and causing me to lose money.

I hate seeing men hit women! Why did they feel comfortable enough to act out in this way? What is going on in their homes? How are the women in their lives being treated if they are willing to act like this in public with strangers? Did they feel it was ok to do it because the women were black, so they thought they could get away with it? I am wary of bringing race into this, but I am just really curious to know WTF they were thinking? What made these men feel it was ok to come from around the counter to assault these women?

I am not one for mass anger, or to say boycott the entire chain. I understand about bad apples. The true colors of this company’s politics in regards to customer service, and their stance on violence in general, most especially against women, will be reflected in their actions.

This restaurant is located on Westheimer and Greenridge. So, of course I looked it up, and here is their info:
6006 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX, 77057
Phone# 713-975-9699.

Let ‘em have it!


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