Saturday Morning

Iby Ohmega1982t’s 6:24am.  I’m in my bed, searching for some jazz to buy on itunes as I prepare myself mentally and spiritually to write.  It’s supposed to rain all day.   Jazz and rain, how sweet.  I’d prefer some hip hop, and sunshine, but sometimes you only get what you need.   And I need to focus.

Today I’ll be working, hopefully, just on one story.  I normally work on more than one at a time, that way I don’t get anything done (not a typo). This happens because when I am writing, I may create a sentence that can fit something else better, and then I just start working on that something else.  Or, because my mind scatters.  It leaps from subject to subject when I write (kind of like it does when I’m talking).  But today, I’m going to work on the one I want to get out the soonest.  However, in all honesty, whatever happens, happens.  I have no discipline.

I am no expert on writing, but here is one of the rules I go by that I’d like to share: Whenever I find myself getting bored writing, I assume the reader will be bored with what I’ve written.  I have fun while I’m writing.  It definitely gets complicated at times, trying to convey certain themes, emotions, gestures, etc…. But for the most part if it bores me, and I can’t spice it up, then I scrap it.  As a reader, I am quick to skip boring paragraphs and chapters.  Of course boring is relative, so I can only go by what I consider boring.  That’s why we have to be true to ourselves. We can only do what’s best for us as individuals.  And, hopefully, at least a few others (our precious, special audience, no matter how big or small), will feel what we are trying to convey.  So, if I am boring my own self, I stop, scrap (not throw away, necessarily, just scrap) and try again.



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