You Gotta Believe in Somethin’. Why Not Believe in You?

A little different from the Pointer Sister lyrics which are “why not believe in me?”  Everyone needs something to believe in.  For whatever reasons (well, I know the reasons, but that is for a different blog) we are taught to believe in things outside of ourselves. But if you need to believe in something, why not believe in the power of you?  Everything you ultimately need in this world comes from within you.  If you don’t believe in you, then why should anyone else?  And even if you have a talent so great that others believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself, then you can’t even receive their appreciation of whatever it is you have to offer.

Everyone has their gift.  Every last one of us.  For some of us it takes longer to find it than others.  But when you find it, believe in it.  Believe in your power over it.  Take Weird Al Yankovic.  How much belief do you think it takes for someone to carve out such a unique career?  Look at Cedric Walker, the founder of the UniverSoul Circus.  Imagine the negative feedback he must’ve gotten from folks when he said he wanted to create a black circus.   Think about the Wright Brothers, and the reaction people had to them trying to fly.

Believe in yourself.  No matter how crazy your idea seems.

You gotta believe in something.  Why not believe in you?

I just love this song, by the way.  This is my favorite scene in Car Wash.  Richard Pryor as Daddy Rich, captured the essence of that style of preacher/hustler that is still around todayTake a look.




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