Marketing: Facebook’s New Save Feature (I’m really digging this!)

If you are like me, you have seen pics, videos, or links on FB that you want to save for later.  So, you post it on your wall, even though it’s not content you necessarily want to share, or flood the newsfeed with (like recipes, or porn, or whatever). Then, when you are ready, you scroll through your timeline searching for it amongst everything else you have posted.   Or you may try scrolling through the timeline of the page where you saw the content.  Or (if we are twin souls), you may forget about it all together.  Since I tend to forget a lot, what I’ve been doing for years is sending the content to my inbox, using it as a hybrid save file.


facebook save optionWell, Facebook must have known that I, and others, were doing that (because they know all & see all, courtesy of us willingly giving them all), and they have come up with a great solution.  You  can now save content for easy retrieval at any time under a save tab.

Just click the little arrow on the right hand side of the content and select save.

You can retrieve it later under the “Saved” tab on the left hand side FB menu list. It is saved in categories for easy content recovery.  I really like this feature.

Today was my first time using it, and for now, at least, it only works on [fan] pages, not timelines.  So, if you see something on a friend’s timeline you may still have to use the inbox-to-self method (hey, did I just coin a term?).

Also, did you know that you can search for pages liked by people with specific interests?  I had no idea. In case you are late, like I am, it is called a Graph Search, and here is how it works: Say, you are a mystery writer and want to reach women who like Walter Mosely (I picked him because I love him, and I turned my head to my right and saw his book, Little Green, on my shelf), you can type in: pages liked by women who like Walter Mosley. facebook pages  search example

You can then use content from those pages to help you connect with your audience.  It is a little stalkerish, but in a good way, because your aim is to share helpful information, or sometimes a laugh, and meet new readers and friends.

I got this info from one of my favorite FB pages TabSite App.  They have a lot of great content about marketing and navigating the social media world, and it is where I found the video below, which has all the info above from  Jenny Brennan courtesy of



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