Alphabet of You Challenge

In true me fashion, I have skipped a few days of the challenge.  But I have a great excuse though: I had a wonderful weekend with my extended family, courtesy of my sister Michelle, complete with shopping, a cookout, a rooftop BBQ, and some bomb-ass Coquito.  It was pretty friggin’ awesome.

This is my first full weekend of the summer.  It has been a trying season and super boring for me.  I take the blame for that.  I’ve been in the house like a hermit most of the time, writing, and living in my head. But I’m riding August out with fun.

Sundays don’t count, for the challenge, so I am catching up on four days, including today.  Here I go!


L: Laughing, loving, lovable, lyrical, linguist


O: Observant, open-minded, objective, open-hearted, optimist.


V: Vibrant, voluptuous, virtuous, vigilant, visionary.


E: Ever-changing, evolving, eccentric, ethical, entrepreneur.


Yeah, I like that.  Go me! Go me!

What’s your letter for today?


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