FEMALE EJACULATION, the Nectar of the Goddess

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

tumblr_medztbMygX1rd3t8xo1_400On the subject of female ejaculation I had a conversation with Dr Stuart Mark Berlin who is a medical doctor as well as a highly experienced teacher of Hieros Gamos; sex magic in a new form called tantric kabbalah that integrates sexuality, spirituality and science. Stuart adds his knowledge of science to the union of sex and spirituality as a means of bringing human consciousness to the next evolutionary step of equality between the sexes. Stuart has had the experience of many different women who ejaculate so I sought his opinion because as a woman, I only have one experience – my own, and cannot speak in broader terms.

GoSS: Can I ask you about female ejaculation from a medical as well as spiritual context?

SMB: One of my favorite experiences, drinking amrita is like drinking the fountain of youth, especially the crone goddess amrita.

GoSS: What is the medical…

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