What Is This Cat Fussing About?

cat argumentI have yet to get tired of this a cat video.  Kudos to the person that had the sense of humor to add the subtitles, making it even funnier.  I can’t help but to wonder though, what really happened here? Is the ginger cat a bully?  Or did the black and white cat do something unforgiveable?  The ginger is really chewing him/her out, while the black and white is just sitting there taking it, like he/she knows they did something wrong.

With all of the racism, sexism and injustice going on, won’t you please take a moment to laugh again, and again with me? Just a moment.  Thank you!

Side note: That cat might actually not be ginger.  The hair might be blond. I don’t know my colors, so it looks like an orange/red head to me. What do you think?


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