Today’s Shuffle List

My Shuffle List

As part of my quest to spread joy, while the world falls apart, I wanted to share some music with you.  I’ll be doing this ever so often. I remember of friend of mine telling me that while she was working as a corrections officer at a prison, she played her radio and it pacified everyone.  I think about the times that music has amped me up, made me sad or made me so happy to be alive. It’s powerful.  I love the effect music has on people.  Music, art, and comedy – what would I do without you?

I hit shuffle on my phone and these are the first ten songs that played in order:

Testify – Common


I’m Still in Love with You – Al Green

Al Green

I Won’t Let You Down – Alex Clare

Alex Clare

Sweetest Thing – Lauren Hill

lauren hill

Changes I’ve Been Going Through

Mary J Blige tumblr_mmsxwiWSvB1r3gb6ao1_1280

Ask of You – Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq Raphael%20Saadiq-17

Nasty – Nas

Nas bing

Are You Ready – Barbara Mason

Barbara Mason thXYDBXD2H

Roses – NasNas Roses

Check the Rhyme – A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest thC3JDXEAR

I love all of these songs.  But hearing some them back to back was a little depressing, since I’m not in love with anyone.  Seems like my shuffle was in a certain mood, huh? We’ll see what my next shuffle gives me.  For now, I’m not taking any chances on the shuffle.  I’m about to play the rest of Low End Theory, then, Illmatic and reminisce about the 90s. Back when I had no bills, and my biggest concern was which Guess shirt to wear.   

What is your shuffle?    


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