Four in the Morning

I fell asleep a little after 1:00 am. It’s now 4:16 am. Not quite sure why I’m up. But I heard something rustling in the grass outside of my house, so maybe that woke me. I went to go see what it was because I was pretty sure it was a raccoon or a skunk. I turned on the porch light, and looked through the window. It was actually coming from my neighbor’s yard. I opened the door and stood behind the screen door. The rustling grew closer and closer. Goodness please don’t be a rat. That’s all I cared about. Didn’t care if it was a raccoon or a skunk. If it was a rat, one a size that could make that much noise, I would have fainted and probably would have to move to a new home. The noise was close by the door. I slammed the door shut!

I am just going to assume it was a skunk, because three days ago, making the same noise, in the same direction, but at around ten in the evening, I was bold enough to wait for the animal and it was a skunk. I could deal with seeing a skunk at ten at night. I don’t have the mental wherewithal to see a skunk, or any other non-cat or non-dog.

And now I’m watching Wild ‘n Out. When I finish typing this, I guess I will work on writing as tory. I don’t hear the rustling anymore.

I don’t know about all of the houses in NY, but the ho uses in this particular Bronx neighborhood, most people don’t leave their porch lights on all night. When I lived in TN, everyone left their porch lights on until morning. Just an observation. Thought about it because I’m about to turn the porch light off when I finish typing this. So porch light, then story. Actually, I’m feeling a little sleepy, seeing as how I’ve only had about three hours of sleep. We’ll see.



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