Men: We Want to Hear You Moan!

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It’s accepted that most men want to be as cool as possible at all times. But I have to tell you guys, sex is not the time to be cool calm and collected. Open your mouth! Women want to hear you moan just as much as you want to hear them. Seeing you bite your bottom lip is nice. But hearing you moan is fucking spectacular!

Let me back up. I can only speak for myself, and the women I’ve spoken to who have dared to agree. I’m sure there are women that want you to shut up, and remain silent for the ride. I’m speaking on behalf of women who feel otherwise. Women who don’t like silent men. Coolness during sex is corny. Say something. Sound like something. I’m talking beyond asking her to say your name. I mean letting out sighs, moans, and groans. Breathing hard and fast, and all that jazz. Trust me, verbally expressing how good we are making you feel doesn’t take away from your manliness. It adds to our fervor to please you. Think about how encouraged you feel when we noisily react to you. It works both ways.

Being silent during sex is so last millennium. There is nothing like looking at my partner and hearing him gasp or grunt, because I feel so good to him that he can’t contain himself. Release yourselves fellas! It’s ok. No one is going to think any less of you for sighing when we hit your spot, hissing when we are riding you right, or screaming when we make you cum. The best sex is when both people are so involved that all of their pretenses and inhibitions fall to the wayside and they are just two animals fucking. Oh! It’s a beautiful thing! But if you’re having sex and you’re trying to be cute, then (in my humble opinion) you’re doing it wrong. Or not as well as you could be. 

Don’t take this as a complaint or a criticism. Take it as constructive information.

Now, I must add, we do appreciate the ways you show how good it was afterward. It’s lovely when you shiver, stretch your body out, flex your feet, and go to sleep. And this is not to say that all women make noise. I’m also not taking into account quiet sex due to children being in the house, or instances of bad sex. I’m talking about when it’s good to both parties, and you’re in the position to get it in. Make it even better with the power of your voice.

There are definitely men out there that get it. They don’t hold back. They are not afraid to make faces and sounds that express how much pleasure they feel. You guys rock!  

The rest of you guys, let yourselves be free. Stop trying to be cool. Your sounds drive women crazy. Give it a try. The next time she’s pleasuring you, make some noise and see how she reacts. You won’t regret it.


La Gata


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