Review: Z Nation, S1 E1

Looking forward to the next episode!

Chocolate Girl Wonder

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Warning: Spoilers

Credits roll

So, like,  the show opens up with three involuntary test subjects receiving an anti-zombie vaccine in a military medical facility. Two turn into zombies. The third doesn’t. Meanwhile, outside of this facility, soldiers are holding off a horde at the front gates.

The horde bursts in! Lt. Mark Hammond (played by Harold Perrineau) shoots as many as he can, but is only able to save himself and one of the doctors. They rush out leaving the third test subject behind, who gets attacked by several zombies. Hammond guides the doctor to safety, but then goes back in for the test subject.

In another scene some guy runs out into a blizzard and watches a plane take off.  I think it’s DJ Qualls, but it doesn’t look like him. The plane falls out of the sky and crashes to the ground.

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Second set of credits roll, as…

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