She Quit Like a Boss! But There’s More to the Story

“As for this job… Fuck it, I quit.”  It’s the second most spectacular quit I’ve seen (the first was a teacher quitting and exposing the BS going on at his school). Alaskan reporter Charlene Egbe, aka Charlo Greene’s reason for quitting, however, I did not expect.  In a separate video (which is above), she explains the hypocrisy of illegal marijuana, and points out some stats about America, her state and Colorado.  And then like some superhero, reveals her real name and that she’s the president and CEO of the Alaskan Cannabis Club. WOW!

I’ve never smoked weed.  I’m just not a fan of smoke period.  But even I see the hypocrisy of a system that says alcohol and cigarettes are ok, but marijuana is not. Alcohol and cigarettes are so dangerous that they kill people who aren’t even using them (car accidents, and second hand smoke).  They are so dangerous that the task force that handles them includes guns and explosives. So, though I don’t smoke it, and I really don’t even like to be around it (I hate when it gets in my hair and my clothes, but I prefer the smell over cigarettes), I think it should be legal.  Prohibition does not work.  It didn’t work with alcohol and it’s not working with marijuana.

What is working, is Colorado.  They are thriving.  There’s a lot of negative rhetoric about CO, but the truth seems to be that it’s working well enough that other states are taking notice of the positive facts of their newfound monetary affluence.

Good job Charlene Egbe.  You’ve got all kinds of chutzpah, and I wish you well on your American journey.


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