India Tackles Skin Whitening Industry

th7ZM222GBColorism isn’t localized to African Americans. It happens pretty much every placed that’s been colonized by Europeans. That means, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. It also happens in places, where as a matter of status, darker skin may simply mean that you are a farmer who works in the sun, versus being part of the aristocracy. I’m not as familiar with the latter, but the former has caused people to do harmful things in order to lighten their skin. The article below from NBC by, Lakshmi Gandhi, is about India’s response to colorism in their advertising.

New Ad Guidelines Take On India’s Skin Whitening Industry

The Advertising Standards Council of India introduced sweeping new guidelines late last month which – if successful – will change the way darker-skinned Indians are depicted in advertisements.

“Advertising should not communicate any discrimination as a result of skin colour,” reads the introduction to the independent watchdog group’s guidelines. “These ads should not reinforce negative social stereotyping on the basis of skin colour. Specifically, advertising should not directly or implicitly show people with darker skin in a way which is widely seen as unattractive, unhappy, depressed, or concerned.” Read more…


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