“Time Is Illmatic” – A must see documentary

As I’ve probably mentioned before, Nas is in my top three MCs (Rakim and KRS are #s 1 & 2 respectively), so I had to see his documentary Time Is Illmatic. Loved it! It’s a celebration of the 20 year anniversary of Illmatic.  If you’re a hip hop fan you have got to see this, just like you’ve got to see, Wild Style, Backstage, Beats, Rhymes & Life etc… It’s a quintessential, instantly classic music doc. His brother, Jungle is a, funny dude and extremely Queensbridge. Their father’s story is interesting as well. There were some pictures of their mother, where she had a striking resemblance to Kelis. The photos of the 80s and 90s almost made me cry, as I reminisced about the first time I heard Nas, which for me was “Back to the Grill Again” (I didn’t hear “Live at the Barbque,” until after Illmatic came out).  The story behind Illmatic was inspirational, moving, and satisfying. Well, not completely satisfying. I could’ve sat there an additional hour for some more of everyone in that movie.

I still have Illmatic on tape! I have it on CD and bought the 20th anniversary edition on iTunes.  I was in love with hip hop before, but Nas is the one who made me sit and listen.  I felt like I was getting high when I listened to Illmatic.  The only other album I had that feeling with was 36 Chambers.  I was at the age to really sit back and appreciate music in a way I hadn’t when I was in junior high, or early high school.  I was actually absorbing hip hop.  It was in my lungs.

I’m glad at got to see it while I was still in NYC. I went last night, with my ex of all people. We had a great time. We saw it at the AMC on forty deuce. Then we walked to west 4th to a diner. Yes, I was able to tolerate walking thirty eight blocks with my ex. NYC in autumn is like magic. It was hot in the day, then cool in the evening. Still warm enough for me not to have to wear the sweater I’d brought with me. I was wearing some super cute boots, but they were killing my feet so I had to stop and buy a pair of sneakers. We talked and laughed and walked and laughed. We make really, really great friends. I’m glad we could come to that place, because I didn’t think it would be possible.

Anyway, if you get the chance, it’s a must see movie. Bring some friends that love Nas so you can sing along like we (and everyone else in the theater) did. Usually, I give movies away, but this doc, uh uh… you’ve just got to see it, and get the knowledge for yourself.

5 out of 5 stars.

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