21 Rappers Explain What Hip Hop Means to Them

This article, from XXL, gives some insight into what twenty-one rappers think about the second love of my life, Hip Hop. There are about five rappers on this list who I admittedly do not know, but their perspectives are still interesting.

mc-eiht-1I especially liked what one of my fav west coast rappers, MC Eiht, had to say:

Back when I started, hip-hop meant substance, it meant stories, it meant just good music, trying to make music or a craft that everybody can appreciate. And nothing was about gimmicks, everything was about real life, whether you was trying to be Run-DMC or you was trying to be Big Daddy Kane or Eazy-E. The music back then was more filling and had more foundation. Nowadays it’s just like anybody and everybody wanna get on, and whatever gimmick works it works. I think it’s lost some of that authentic feel, because back in the days we used to judge people for putting out good music, we used to criticize and we used to let people know. But nowadays, it’s about the almighty dollar and whatever gimmick works. If you can be the next this or the next that or the next copycat, whatever works. Read more…


2 thoughts on “21 Rappers Explain What Hip Hop Means to Them

  1. “If a beat was on in here now—without you knowing—I’d start activating.” –Joell Ortiz. That statement is a testament to the power of hip hop musically and culturally. Hip Hop prompts us to act and, no matter how big or small that action is, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Great article!

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