Tracee Ellis Ross Interview: She is officially my friend in my head.

Tracee Ellis Ross’s interview with, The Breakfast Club, at Power 105, was awesome! She talks about her new show, Black-ish, growing up with Diana Ross as a mother, and race for my generation vs kids growing up seeing a black president.

ew7dpazssmysvrstoezvI love the way she presented herself. There’s something to be said about someone who is comfortable in their skin. Her whole presentation was wonderful. She’s intelligent, funny, and unafraid to be Tracee. I didn’t watch her interview expecting to be so impressed. I knew she had a command of humor, because I remember her from The Lyricist Lounge Show on MTV. And of course, I enjoyed her as, Joan Clayton, on Girlfriends. But seeing her just being herself, and being funny, and confident was a different experience.

th0T45KO7EHer social awareness was unexpected as well. I incorrectly expected that because she was the daughter of a superstar that she’d be out of touch with certain topics. But listening to her interact with the morning show crew reminded me of having a chat with a friend. She is exactly who she is, and she loves herself. She is officially on my list of women who I admire – celebrity edition, and she’s a friend in my head.


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