Verbal “Yes” Consent to Sex Required by California Law – OH MY!

In an unprecedented move, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring consent to sex, in schools that receive state funds in California.

The fact that a law needs to be made regarding men respecting that no, actually means no, speaks volumes about what boys are not being taught in their transition to becoming men. I know there are some great parents and guardians teaching boys the right thing, so they become men who do the right thing. But far too many are not getting that information and their lack of proper guidance is reinforced by our hyper-sexualized media.

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I’m always wary of these types of laws because, though well intended, they often have unintended consequences. I’m not opposed to the law, I’m just cautious about its unforeseen potential to set a precedent for some other laws, not related to sexual abuse. I just hope more people respect themselves and each other. When you hear someone say “no”, don’t assume they are playing games. Just stop. Life is just simpler that way.

According to, “There does seem to be a broader need to clarify the concept of consent on college campuses—and probably beyond. A survey last year of 185 college students found that men tend to give and get consent nonverbally, while women think that saying yes to sex is something that happens out loud.” Read more…


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