Erykah Badu Being Silly in NYC

Lady Badu is at it again. This video was just posted today of her and her team on 42nd street, singing for money.  I would’ve recognized her immediately and would’ve wild out! Some people did recognize her.  Singing about not wanting to get a job is probably why she only made $3.60.

I commend her for her experiment. It’s not easy to ask for money in the street.  That’s why I give when I can.  I know people don’t give because there are scams and because the person may use it to go get drugs or whatever.  None of that is my business.  IF I see someone that looks like they need help and I’m in the position to, then it’s my pleasure.

I like the credits at the end. LOL! She is too, too much!

What do you think about her experiment?

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