Black-ish: The Whippin’ Episode

Black-ish has a great balance of cute and social awareness. Tonight’s episode was a good example of that balance. Son, Jack (Miles Brown) hides from his mom, Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross), at the mall and she goes ballistic looking for him. When she finally finds him she tells him when they get home, his dad, Dre (Anthony Anderson), is going to beat his little ass. She doesn’t say it like that, but that’s what she says.thOZQK7HKO

That’s the dilemma. To beat or not to beat. Dre is against beating his son, having received beatings from his father Pops (Laurence Fishburne). But Rainbow is adamant about him getting a beating. Then Jack works his cute angle and his mom has a change of heart. Jack is home free until his little ass decides to hide again, this time in the house, and has everyone running around looking for him. He thinks it’s funny. Dre doesn’t think it’s funny, and pulls his belt off. Pops stops him from beating Jack right then because he’s about to go to school.thRYTII4MC After school, when it’s time for the beating, the other three children form a united front, and tell Dre he’s not going to beat their brother. Dre says he’s going to beat all of them and they disperse.

In the end Dre doesn’t have to beat Jack. He has a talk with him and tells him he’s disappointed in him which makes him cry. Pops is the one that comforts Jack, which was super cute.th2CS3FCGR

I really enjoyed this episode. The only issue I had was him talking to his coworkers about what he should do. He talked to all of them during a meeting. I thought that was unrealistic, but hey, it’s TV.

My personal feelings about beatings? Well, I had them, I hated them. Whether or not they made me a better person, I have no idea. The only way I’d know would be if there was some alternate universe where I didn’t get any beatings that I could compare it to. My mom apologized to me a few years ago about my spankings/beatings. I don’t have any children, but I don’t plan on spanking or beating them. But, that’s me speaking as a childless person, so who knows what will happen? I know when I was a kid, I would prefer spankings over punishment, because the spanking would be a one-time thing. Punishments would last a very long time. I remember my mom put me on punishment for a year. A year! But it didn’t last past a few weeks. So, I think punishments and other things will suffice. Now, I may pop them on the butt. But raising a belt to my child, I can’t see doing that. But again, I have no kids. Shrugs.

I know one thing; if you beat your kids, they grow up to be adults who like to get spankings.  Yes, you know what I’m talking about, and you know who you are :).

What do you think about spankings?

Thanks for reading!



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