My WCW – Amara Santos aka La Negra

th (18)There’s only one woman who I’d ever put in the category of actually having a crush on. Amara Santos aka La Negra.

th (16)She has to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I’ve posted pics of her before in my blog.

thKKC5OJDW There are women who I admire and who I think are gorgeous. But she’s the only one who I would say I have a crush on.

thUP339E23Isn’t she lovely?

La Negra again. Had to post her twice because she is my girl crush.

With her beautiful skin, and huge unapologetic afro, she is just an all-around banger.

thPJPZHOTYI may put up some other WCWs in the future, but she is the only one where the crush is official.

thDUB421IHAmara-Santos1-2 th (17)

th4VMXQVJW thSB4BFJBMOk, I think that’s enough pics!



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