My MCM – Morris Chestnut


No big surprise here, huh?  He has to be the finest man in Hollywood period.  Ever since I first saw him in Boyz n the Hood, I’ve been hooked on him.  When I was a kid, that locker room scene was the second time I’d seen a man that made my mouth drop. I was mesmerized.  Whenever I think of Morris Chestnut, “Just Me and You,” by, Tony! Toni! Toné! runs through my mind, because of that scene.

thQRR4DY1I thS2PUSNTPHe’s so fine that I would never want to meet him.  I’d be afraid of what may happen.  If he told me to do something, I’d probably just do it. I’ve been in a relationship with a Morris Chestnut-type fine man before. Five years of stupidity.  I may write a book about it one day.  HA! That may be the title.

th3I0SBVGMI’ve never seen him in a heavy love scene.  You would think as fine as he is Hollywood would have him shirtless all the time.  It is possible that is a personal choice. Or maybe I just haven’t watched all of his movies, and I’ve missed it?

thD5JUET9HI am so looking forward to The Best Man Wedding, which is due in 2016.

thCJ028HNMHis character cannot ever be in a relationship with anyone else after my girl died in The Best Man Holiday.  Unless the actress looks like me, LOL! (I’m kind of serious though.)

thFLSHLRF0I’d also like to see him play some kind of superhero or supervillain. He is very good at playing bad. I’ve seen him play dramatic, evil, and a little comedic.  He’s been one of the lucky actors who has been able to show his range.

th7XXU7ITVAnd he is just so, so fine.

thGXLVSI47Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post!

thCLI5I0GU 6600-215353



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