Police Brace for New Ferguson Protests by Spending Thousands on Riot Gear

th (3)From Jon Swain at The Guardian:

The police department overseeing the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the killing of an unarmed 18-year-old has spent tens of thousands of dollars replenishing their stocks of teargas, “less lethal” ammunition and riot gear in advance of a potential revival in demonstrations. Read more…


So, it looks like the police in Ferguson just can’t learn a lesson. They are buying even more riot gear in anticipation of possible protests, should their brethren, Darren Wilson, not be indicted for the slaying of teenager Michael Brown.

Instead of building with the community, they are preparing to harm it. Again. Instead of taking this time to reach out to their citizens on a human level, and have town meetings and discussions, and doing as much community outreach as possible, they are choosing to arm up as if they are going to war. They must have had so much fun the last time that they are spending thousands to do it again.

th (5)Citizens, we really need to vote better on a local level. America was founded in protest of injustices abroad. The freedom to assemble in protest of the government is each of our constitutional right! So, how is it that we have elected officials, who appoint heads of police, who aim to hurt citizens, for doing what citizens are supposed to do?

I’m scared about the outcome of the grand jury. I’m afraid for the citizens who may protest. I hope no one is killed. I hope no one is beat. I hope there aren’t any paid agitators there to cause trouble, as there were rumored to have been during previous protests. I hope everything remains peaceful.

I just want my people to be treated like citizens.


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