My WCW – Jill Marie Jones

Jill Marie Jones by Michael CaulfieldToni Childs may actually be my favorite sitcom character of all time. She’s up there with Michael Scott. Maybe more so, because when Steve Carell left The Office, I still watched it. When Jill Marie Jones left Girlfriends, I stopped watching. It lost its chutzpah. The story line changed, Monica traded in her red eyes for angel wings. As much as I enjoyed the other characters on the show, especially Joan, it just wasn’t the same without her.


Ms. Jones is one of my favorite actresses. I would love to see her in more movies.

th98EW26AXShe was in a flick called, Redrum, which was a dark comedy, where she and her husband kill people for fun.

th0WW7EBJ8She was also in Drool, where she has an affair with a woman who is suffering from domestic abuse.

MCDDROO EC002I love seeing her in unexpected roles like those. Shows her range and confidence.

MeetingSpencer_738329089627_500 (2)I also saw her in Meeting Spencer, where she played a devious, and influential trans-something. I don’t fully understand trans-terms, so I’ll just say she played a man, who played a woman. In any case, I loved her in it.


She’s beautiful, talented, and I love to watch her act.

th87QI9JSC Maybe one day I’ll write something that will become a movie, and she can play one of the lead roles. Wouldn’t that be something?


Fun facts about Jill Marie Jones – Girlfriends was only her third acting audition. How fantastic is that? Also, she was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.


Thanks for reading!



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