Nas Debuts “The Season” Produced by J Dilla

Remember earlier this month when I posted the Nas interview with Angie Martinez?  He mentioned he was dropping a single soon. Well here it is and it is FIYAH!  I’ve already listened to it enough that I know the words.  The beat is killer, of course it’s a Dilla beat. It’s lyrically on point with a sweet shout to Slick Rick, and friendly shots fired at Jay Electronica and Jay Z.  No malice at all, just addressing the rumors about them writing his music.

It has the grandiose, braggadocios lyrics that long time Nas fans love.  Think of a 2014 “It Ain’t Hard to Tell,” and you’re halfway there.

th (10)Nas debuted the single at the Rough Trade Records meet and greet for Killer Mike and El–P of the duo, Run the Jewels.  According to The Urban Daily, twenty fans saw a Mass Appeal Records (the label that Nas founded) sponsored screening of the 70s NYC classic, The Warriors (“Caaan yooou dig iiiit?”), and were treated by a surprise visit from the nastiest MC to come out of Queens.

I just left NYC for the winter, so I’ll be bumping this in my car from Memphis to New Orleans.  To do any song real justice for me, as a native New Yorker, I like to sit on the train with it, bobbing my head, with my eyes closed. Getting off at my stop, running up the stairs, into the bustle of the street, and feeling that NYC concrete under my feet, rhyming to the cold air in front of me.  That’s golden.  That’s how I love to listen to music.  This song has that feel to it.  But it’s a head nodder period.  No matter the situation.  This is a sip on something, smoke-em-if-you-got-em, type cut.  You don’t shake your ass to this.  You can get it in to it though. It’s for listening.  It’s for standing on the block.  And it is in fact for riding in your car with the sun going down in your rear view. It’s so grown, as he mentions, “Now I’m 40 and a little change…” I’m not 40, but I love the grown man approach to hip hop.  That is straight sexy.


He’s so right when he says, “The soulful sample compliments my rhyme so well….”  This song has done it for me.  Hoping to hear an album soon.

The lyrics get 5 stars.

The delivery gets 5 stars.

The beat gets 5 stars.

The production gets 5 stars.

No disappointments here.  And I know you were never gone.

Thanks for reading!



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