My MCM – David Banner

thILE4EDSRBefore I ever knew what he looked like, I had a crush on Lavell William Crump, aka, ‘David Banner,’ because of something he said in the sex issue of either the Source, or XXL, many moons ago. I think it was XXL with Foxy Brown on the cover, but I could be wrong.

A man with a book is a sexy sight to see.
A man with a book is a sexy sight to see!

He said something about women, which I can’t recall, but it seriously intrigued me.

david-bannerAt that point, I hadn’t ever heard of him. I’m sure I have the issue at my mom’s house, so I’ll see if I can locate it, and find out what about him captured my attention. Then I saw his face, which completed the status of crush.

thB0836KDGI watched him during the congressional hearing on racism and misogyny in hip hop. A hearing which completely offended me as a hip hop fan, as a black women, and specifically as an African American. Of all the things that ail this country, particularly in the way of racism and misogyny, hip hop is what garnered the attention of Congress? Total bullshit. Hip hop, just like any other art form, reflects what’s happening in the world. So I love when he said, “Hip hop is sick because America is sick.” Tell em David!

th881SCLXMDavid Banner has said a lot of things I agree with, and if he ever ran for office, of any kind I would support him.

thF32H3ZHXHis activism is inspiring. He speaks with such fantastic passion that I can’t help but get caught up in him.

th (3)He’s one of the few entertainers I’d like to sit with and build. Pick his brain, and ask him a bunch of questions about everything.

thXOFQFE4ZThen there’s his crunk side. In spite of all of his activism, this dude will turn up. He’s not afraid to talk about it either. Which is just another thing to like about him.

thULEVMT1Y (2)He embraces who he is, which is sexy as fuck!



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