On Writing: Lost Your Way? Reclaim Your Direction!

Hello fellow and future writers!  Two of my biggest obstacles in writing are focus and follow through.  I start off full of steam, but I can burn out pretty quick.  Sometimes it’s internal. I get lost, or get bored and lose motivation.  Sometimes it’s external factors like, TV, social media, or just all of the things that real life can throw at me.  If you are having an internal issue, such as the ones listed above, here are some tips from author Kay Keppler on finding direction. Thanks to Beth Barany, at Writersfunzone.com for sharing this article.


Lots of writers know how their book starts and how it ends. It’s writing the middle that’s so tricky. Some writers have no clue what happens. Some writers have so many ideas, they can’t cram them all in. Indecision can be paralyzing. Read more…

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4 thoughts on “On Writing: Lost Your Way? Reclaim Your Direction!

  1. Kitty, Thanks so much for visiting Writer’s Fun Zone and getting inspiration from Kay’s post! So glad we could help! Happy writing!

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