My WCW – Terry McMillan

thS3IT8087My Woman Crush Wednesday is the fantabulous Terry McMillan.  I had the opportunity to meet this gifted, gracious, and oh-so-gorgeous woman last year at a book signing in Brooklyn, for her novel, Who Asked You?  It was the first book signing I’d ever been to.  According to the other folks there, she was much more giving than authors normally are at signings.  She read a lot from her book, and she got into the characters voices, and oh!… I was just mesmerized by her!

th (10)She was so down to earth, and so authentic.  She answered a lot of questions, and gave lots of writing advice.  She was very generous with her time. I really appreciate that someone as large as she is would be so giving, because she doesn’t have to at this point.

th (6)I have a signed copy of her book and it’s one of the few material things that I’m concerned about losing.  It’s my precious.  I took three pics with her. I would post them, but though she looks great, I look absolutely cray cray in them.

thTOSVEZDDShe is my favorite of all of my favorite authors.  I don’t like to number my favorites, but if I did, she’d be number one.  She is such an inspiration to me.  It’s because of her that I had the courage to write, Confessions of a Serial Masturbator: The Big, Big “O”.

thVKI4I8U4I love her hair, her style, the way she carries herself.  Whenever I (finally) do a book signing, I’m going to set it up just like hers, and be just as giving of my time, and effort as she was.

th (11)My mom loves her too.  She’s the one that introduced me to her.  I’ve been reading her books since high school, and have yet to be disappointed.

So, thank you Ms. McMillan for the years of great reading, creativeness, and inspiration.  You are much more than my MCM.  You are one of my heroes, and a friend in my head.

Thanks for stopping by!



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