Is Your Present Mindset Keeping You From Reaching Your Full Potential?

thMITJEPLKI write these blogs for myself, as much as for whoever reads them. I am in constant need of motivation, positive self-talk, and belief in my dreams in order for me to take action. In keeping with those themes, I wanted to share an article I found on the Barefoot Writer. It has a great breakdown of how we may sometimes limit ourselves by not being willing to power through failure.

It was the perfect read for me at this time because I am feeling unsure about my pursuits. I found it helpful and I hope someone else out there finds it helpful too.

By Cindy Cyr

It is common for people to attribute the success of the most creative writers, businessmen, musicians, athletes, and more to the science of genetics — wanting to believe they are just “born with it.”

But according to the findings of Carol Dweck, one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of personality, social psychology, and developmental psychology, the truth is that mindset causes the most creative geniuses in art, literature, business, science, and sports to achieve superior results.

Her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, demonstrates how your mindset causes you to respond to failure differently.

thDR0VULSH thAUW90TEQIn one example, she talks about professional tennis player John McEnroe. Considered to be a natural-born athlete from an early age, in 1979, McEnroe lost in three straight sets in a doubles match at Wimbledon. He also lost his serve twice while no one else did. Thinking back on the experience, McEnroe says, “That was the ultimate embarrassment.” He handled his failure by not playing mixed doubles again for twenty years.

In contrast, professional basketball player, Michael Jordan, was not considered a “natural.” In fact, read more…

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