Win a Free Kindle with Horror Author Steven Van Patten!!!

Chocolate Girl Wonder

svp_image-1 Horror Author Steven Van Patten

My friend, and horror author Steven Van Patten wants you to win a Kindle, a Kobo eReader or a gift card! How do I know? Because he told me so!

He said:

“Dear Readers, I appreciate your support for the Brookwater’s Curse franchise. So much so I want you to win a Kindle or a Kobo ereader or a gift card. All you have to do to enter the contest is post a ‘selfie’ or photo of yourself holding your favorite of my books to; and then encourage your friends to comment on the photo. When your photo appears you are provided with a page you can share on major social networks at the click of a button. If you are already on don’t worry, you’re allowed multiple entries. Good luck!!”

1010779_10204673128369322_8180669834139157627_n Steven’s own selfie

Ok, so like, he didn’t say it

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