“You’re Not My Mommy!” WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother

So, I was scouring Youtube for examples of book launch events (By scouring, I mean lazily sitting on my love seat, using one finger to type in my search, while eating kettle cooked potato chips with my other hand), when I came across the above video.  It’s a book launch for a nonfiction book called, “You’re Not My Mommy!” WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother.


Here’s the synopsis on Amazon.com:

Stepmotherhood – The final Frontier, Where brave women go, but don’t dare to share the secrets of what lies within. That is until now. Meet Donna Jarrett: Business executive by day, entrepreneur by night, full-time recovering stepmother. A late night phone call yanked Jarrett from newly wedded bliss and threw her into the chaos of life as a gainfully employed, there-are-not-enough-hours-in-the-day full time stepmom. There was no guidebook, no instructions and her husband had little motivation to handle his business. “You’re Not My Mommy!” WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother catalogs classic stepmother conflicts – from birth-mama-drama to protecting yourself emotionally, financially and spiritually while reveling in the true joy stepmotherhood can bring. Light hearted, factual and packed full of truth, “You’re Not My Mommy!” WARNINGS from an Ex-Stepmother, shares practical wisdom from Donna’s personal archive of experience to help women tackle a very modern family dynamic. A must read for stepmothers, Ex-Stepmothers and Stepmothers-to-be who want to maintain their sanity in one of life’s most acrimonious settings.

It has three reviews on Amazon. One is negative. It says the book was poorly written. For some reason, just a little gut reaction, I think it might be from a person touched too closely by the story. Or maybe they just really didn’t like it.  No one says everyone has to like everything.  I read the “look inside” and it doesn’t appear to be poorly written.

I’m interested in reading this because at my 30-something age, if I am ever going to get married, I’m probably going to marry someone who already has children, which scares the mess out of me. Especially since I don’t already have children.  His (whoever he is) kids will have to accept me, and my biggest concern is that they won’t.  How would I get in?  How do I get a kid, especially a daughter, to accept me, a stranger, as their stepmom?

Author Donna Jarrett
Author Donna Jarrett

Some kids are open to it. They can see that the person makes their parent happy, so they are happy for them.  Doesn’t mean they won’t harshly test the potential stepparent, but they ultimately want their parent to be happy. I know, I was one of those kids.  While some don’t want anyone with their parent except their other parent, which was me up until I became a teen.  I completely relate to that point of view and its validity.  I can so understand yelling, “You’re not my mommy!”  I’ve never yelled that before, but I get it.

In any case, this seems like it’ll be an informative read.

I read the editorial reviews, which is actually an “About the Author” section and learned that the author is from the Bronx.  I admit I’m completely biased to my borough, so if I weren’t already motivated to buy this book, that would have done it for me.

I enjoyed watching the launch party.  I think it was one of the better ones that I’ve seen.  The best so far has been an outdoor party for a book called Skinny Confidential by Lauryn Evarts.  Check out her launch here. I’m so stealing ideas from both of their launches.

Thanks for reading!



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