Raw Story: Black students walk out over school official’s tweet: ‘Every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare’

th (2)The comment doesn’t surprise me.  What I find interesting is that a grown school administrator was comfortable enough to share their comment on Twitter. As well as the school’s  lack of response. This wasn’t an ignorant kid.  This was someone who works at the school.  Someone who has been entrusted by the school system, the parents and the students. The comment doesn’t necessarily mean this administrator is a bad person. But it is a demonstration of extremely poor judgment.

th (4)I agree with the students. I don’t think the person should be fired [necessarily].  However, the situation does need to be properly addressed.

Kudos to the students for standing up to their school.  Their grievance wasn’t handled and they did what Americans are supposed to do: protest.

Thanks to David Edwards at RawStory.com for sharing this article.

Students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia walked out of class on Monday to protest a school official’s Twitter message that referred to young black men as a “nightmare” for white fathers.

According to WVEC, the Twitter post was made in June by the school administrator, but students only recently noticed it.

The tweet was a reposting of a message from an account called @OrNahhTweets. It showed a photograph of seven white girls in prom-style dresses with seven African-American young men in tuxedos. The caption on the photo read, “every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare or not. read more…


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