My MCM: Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold-schwarzenegger-9aOk, hear me out: let me preface this by saying, I’m talking Arnold in the 80s and 90s. Pre-politics, when I would not pass up seeing him in a movie. I watched everything from Conan to Twins. From Red Sonja to Kindergarten Cop. I was a serious Schwarzenegger fan (I didn’t even have to look up his name to spell it correctly, that’s how big a fan I was), until he started running for governor and I found out his politics. I felt betrayed. The definition of irony is a foreigner, who marries into democratic aristocracy no less, that chooses to be a republican. Republicans don’t like foreigners, especially not with accents so thick that they will always sound like their country of origin. But they like them if it helps their party win elections, so I guess there you have it.

But, I digress.

thDUW4VC4JThere are two men on the big screen who affected me in my youth. The second was Morris Chestnut when I was in high school. But the very first was Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was the first naked man I ever saw.

thBONSVE55 I remember it like it was yesterday.I was watching The Terminator. The scene where he drops from the sky, and rises up, uncurling his body. My mouth dropped. I’d never seen anything so amazing in my life. I started feeling feelings I’d never felt before. I didn’t know what they were, but I was completely mesmerized by him.

Then he just started walking around… naked! OMG!  It was just too much for me.

Terminator 2

I had already seen the Conan movies, and hadn’t been affected at all. I guess the timing was just right when I finally saw The Terminator, which was a few years after it was released in the theaters.

thN4EJM6UUAll up until that point muscles were gross to me. I had zero attraction to them. But I was about twelve when I saw The Terminator, so yeah, I was reaching that stage.

thRQQ8RT6MSo, I had to make him my MCM at some point, because he was at the start of my natural progression into womanhood. The first man to ever keep my eyes open so long that they dried out. Not to mention I used to really love to hear him talk.

thFUJE29HKWho’s your MCM for today?

Thank you for reading!



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