Coloures: 30 Black Woman Owned Online Stores to Shop this Holiday Season

Here’s a great article from by Jana-Lynn, showcasing thirty online businesses, owned and operated by black women. It’s so important for women and girls to support female businesses. The odds are stacked against them. We make up the majority of the country, but own about 30% of the businesses. That sucks. So I’m glad to support women entrepreneurs who have stepped out of the norm, to pursue their passions.

But this is beyond America.  This is an international collection of business minded women.

Please take a look and if you see anything you like, please support them and tell them I sent ya!

Reports have stated there are over one million Black female business owners in the United States today, and black women are becoming entrepreneurs at six times the rate of the average American. In the spirit of supporting our sisters and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in our community, here’s a list of 30 black women owned business you can support this holiday season as you share love and light with your family, friends, and loved ones. Read more..”.

Thank you for reading!



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