New Adam Sandler Movie, “The Cobbler” Staring Method Man

This movie takes the idea of walking a mile in another man’s shoes, literally.  Adam Sandler plays a cobbler who is given a pair of 10 ½ shoes by a customer, played by Cliff Smith (yes, Method Man!), for repair.

cobbler4 He slips them on and becomes Method Man (well, Method Man’s character in the movie).

cobbler5He goes on to try on the shoes of other customers, and begins walking in their shoes, eventually with the intention of being them for various reasons.

cobbler2It also co-stars Steve Buscemi, who is one of my favorite actors,

cobbler3Dustin Hoffman whom I’ve enjoyed watching since I was a kid,

Ellen Barkinand sexy Bronx native Ellen Barkin (yes I mention my borough every chance I get!).

I am looking forward to seeing this.  I love books and movies that blend fantasy into every day, contemporary lives.

Does it look promising to you?  Take a look at the trailer and tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading!



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