Black Friday = “The Purge”

So, here’s my theory about Black Friday. It’s the real life version of The Purge. Once a year, for about twelve hours, people get to lose their fucking minds. They act in ways that they normally wouldn’t because during BF it’s socially acceptable to be animals. People, stomp, kick, push, punch, and literally claw their way through others in order to save money. The behavior is abhorred. But after a year of pent up frustrations, Americans get our day to wild out.

It’s a shame that our country’s economy thrives on its own consumerism. Especially, given how many so-called “American” companies make it a business practice to not hire Americans. It’s a cycle that cannot sustain itself. Since our economy is almost completely consumer and not production driven, if companies don’t create jobs here, then how can we keep consuming? We won’t have the money for it.  Honestly, many Americans don’t have the money now.  Many are racking up years of debt so they can save money during the sales (yeah, work that math out).

In any case, just seeing the black Friday cheer across the country, as though there aren’t bargains until and after Christmas, is heartwarming. Sure workers have to get up hours before their usual schedules, just so people can save a few hundred bucks. Who cares? I can literally beat my way to a great discount.


And, it’s not just Americans. Check out what went on in Great Britain.

Two countries that are supposed to be built on Christian values, collectively act their worst in the days leading up to the celebration of Christ’s birthday. That is the definition of irony. WWJD? I doubt he’d do Black Friday. But go ahead and enjoy giving gifts that you fought other people for, specifically to give on Christ’s birthday.

By the way, that black Friday meme about it coming slavery is so false. I’m big on showing the truth about our countries history of atrocities toward my people, but this is not one of them. There is no substantial connection. People create memes to incite and provoke. There are plenty of factual things that happened in slavery that carry on to today, enough that we don’t need false stories that only serve to make people look foolish for not knowing their history.

Also, contrary to what I’ve been seeing quite a few of my people say on the internet, the majority of Black Friday incidents do not involve black people.  As you can see in the videos, it’s a multi-cultural event. We need to stop demonizing each other. We get enough of that from other sources. Our sins aren’t greater than anyone else’s.

Side note: I do not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in any of the above videos.


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