My Thoughts Today as An African American (In case anyone cares to know): #Crimingwhilewhite Doesn’t Bother Me (Yet)

criming.png3As with everything in life, there are several ways to view the same thing. Everything is up for interpretation and controversy. I saw #crimingwhilewhite as white people acknowledging their white privilege by showing the amount of things they get away with.  However, others see it as them trying to compare their issues with ours, or that they are arrogantly posting the things they’ve gotten away with.  I don’t get that vibe from the posts I’ve seen.  It doesn’t seem like they are saying “Yeah, we have problems too.” Or that they are bragging about their crimes.  I totally get a “look at what my white privilege has allowed me to get away with,” message.  Some of the posts mention how they committed crimes or pranks or otherwise and the only ones held responsible were their black friends.  They are directly acknowledging that they got away with things because of their white privilege.

criming.png6I saw some white guy mention that none of the posts talked about confronting cops, and that was the reason that the cops didn’t shoot any of these white folks.  That’s the part of racism that is the scariest.  The denial, and the inability to look at the truth for what it is.  In his view, every black person that has been shot by the police did something to provoke it.  Thinking like that is what gets cops off for taking lives.  Not to mention I saw several posts about cop confrontations when I scanned Twitter.  Either he didn’t see those or he didn’t want to see them, because they went against what he already believed to be true.


criming.png7Passions are so high right now anything is subject to be misconstrued.  From what I’ve seen so far on #crimingwhilewhite, its intention is to show police duplicity. To show that there whites who are aware that if they were black doing the same things, they’d be in jail or dead. If it remains on that track, I give it a thumbs up.  It clearly shows the hypocrisy of our democracy.

However, vibes can change quickly. The borderline of mockery can be easy to cross.

But of course, you judge for yourself.

crimingView more here courtesy of

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are mine, and do not, necessarily, express the feelings of every black person in the world, in America, in New York, in the Bronx, or even in my neighborhood.  We are not a monolithic group, so please stop viewing us as one single mind.

Thank you for reading.



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