My Thoughts Today as an African American (In case anyone cares to know): Racists Who Don’t Know They Are Racist

Real quick: I just watched Inside the NFL (because it came on after Seven Psychopaths). They have a segment in the beginning discussing what they’ve learned during the week about the NFL. Ed Reed brought up the St. Louis Rams’ protest gesture. Boomer Esiason skipped it, and Michael Irvin brought it back up. Greg Gumbel added that he was surprised more players in the NFL haven’t done the same. Then Boomer Esiason says everyone should respect the shield, no matter what color they are.

Dontre Hamilton and his murderer.  He was shot in his back.
Dontre Hamilton and his murderer. He was shot in his back.

He shouldn’t have said anything at all. Apparently, it’s completely lost on him that black men and boys are killed while respecting the law. While just being citizens. While walking down the street. The other three agreed with him. I would agree with that statement were not for the twelve year old boy that was killed by police while playing with a toy gun. Or the young man in Walmart buying a toy gun, or the young man killed in the stairway of his building for just being there, or the young man killed when he was being removed from sleeping in a park, or the man shot during a routine traffic stop. Or the countless other innocent people of color and poor whites (because it doesn’t happen to rich whites) who have met their deaths at the hands of police.

So, fuck him for speaking as though compliance equals not being violated. He’s speaking on something that he’ll never have to encounter. As far as I’m concerned, he’s part of the problem. It’s people like him that would be part of a grand jury that would decide against attempts at justice.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are mine, and do not, necessarily, express the feelings of every black person in the world, in America, in New York, in the Bronx, or even in my neighborhood. We are not a monolithic group, so please stop viewing us as one single mind.


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