My WCW: Viola Davis

images (3)Viola Davis is an absolute queen! I adore her smile, and especially love when she rocks her natural hair. She is unequivocally gorgeous!

imagesHer voice is so distinct, soothing, strong and sweet, which adds to her allure. She is one of my favorite actresses. I will literally watch something just because I know she’s in it.

untitled (2)Beyond her acting prowess, she just seems to be a great human being. I saw her on Oprah’s special about colorism and she said some things that deeply moved me. She impresses me in every interview I’ve seen of her. She’s such a lady, so poised, and sure, with a hint of vulnerability.

untitledShe’s the first dark skinned woman I’ve ever seen in a love scene, on network TV, or in any medium for that matter. It was the first episode of How to Get Away with Murder, and it was HOT!

images (2)Rumor has it she’s stepping into the comic book world with a role in Suicide Squad as Dr. Amanda Waller, who comic book fans will know as the take-no-shorts doctor of political science from the DC Comics.

imagesIU30CKEQI wish much success to this awesome star. She gives me hope on more than levels than I can even begin to explain in this blog.

Correction: I have seen dark skinned women in love scenes in a great movie called A Good Day to be Black and Sexy.

Thanks for reading!



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