Sometimes I’m an Asshole & Other Things I Accept About Myself

th87QWK2YUWe all have our crosses to bear, or even just BS about ourselves, that we have to deal with.  No one is perfect and that’s what makes us awesomely unique.  Here’s a list of some random things, twenty to be exact, that I find, not necessarily unacceptable, but just a little suspect about myself. Some are mental, some are physical. None of it stops me from thinking, I’m the shit!  Sometimes, I’m shitty, but I’m still the shit! (I need to quote myself on that one lol!) You should feel the same about you.

These are in no particular order, and as always, my disclaimer – I’m speaking for myself and not every black woman, or black person in the world.

1.Some days the only reason I wake up is because I have to pee.

2.I use “awesome” way too much.

3.I’ll listen to the same song for hours on end until I can’t stand it anymore.

4.I’ve watched Goonies, Django, House Party, Zombieland, Barber Shop, Barber Shop 2, Dawn of the Dead, The Color Purple, and The 40 Year Old Virgin over 200 times each.

5.My right foot is way cuter than my left foot.

6.I bullshit too much, and waste far too much time not writing.

7.People scare me.  Especially, friendly people. I’m always trying to figure out their angle.

8.I’m mad at Chris Rock because I wasn’t a part of writing “Top Five”.  It’s not like he knows me or anything, but I think he’s not opening up his mind to meet our cosmic connection.  I’ve also watched Bring the Pain, Don’t Kill the Messenger, Bigger & Blacker, and Never Scared, over 200 times each.

9.Sometimes I’m crazy.

10.I have dyslexic moments.  Or maybe I just don’t pay attention.

11.Sometimes I overthink, to the point I paralyze myself.

12.I start things and never finish them.  It’s been happening since I was a kid and it’s a hard habit to break.

13.When people bore me I fall asleep on them, and then have to make up an excuse, like “I was up really late last night”.

14.Some days I hate my face and my body.

15.i want to be a rapper, but like, in the 90s.  Like, I want to go back in time and drop an album, and videos.

16.I talk to myself A LOT!

17.I can’t sing, but I insist on singing all the time.

18.I can be a real asshole sometimes.  I have moments where I’m like a white man.  Just mean, and careless about people’s feelings, and I say horrible things.  It’s rare, but when it happens, I’m just a pure dick.  I call those moments being Brad.

19.I’m prejudiced.  I try not to generalize people, but I prejudge people.  Mostly, I prejudge them about what I think, they are going to think, about me.

20.I’m lactose intolerant, but it doesn’t stop me from eating several gallons of ice-cream every year.  Especially in the winter. I just go ahead and suffer the consequences.

I could go on for another twenty, but I’ll spare you the time and me the embarrassment.

thW65VM6N3I wrote this because acknowledging my faults will help me overcome them.  But more importantly, to accept the things that just make me, me.  We are way too hard on ourselves about a lot of superficial things, and soft on some things that truly matter.  I have my quirks.  We all do. Depending on who you want to be you can lose ’em, tweak ’em, or keep ’em.  Our lives are up to us.

There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself.  It’s the best gift you can give to your mind, body, and soul. If you can love and accept the flaws of others, certainly you owe yourself the same love and acceptance.

What are some of the things you accept about yourself that are a little suspect?  Share with me.

Thanks for reading!



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