Let’s Talk About Sex: Ten Real Reasons Why Women Don’t Give Head – This may hurt your feelings

I just read a list of reasons women don’t give head. It made some cute, safe points, but it didn’t get to the root of the issue.

Here are some real reasons why a woman may not give you head:

1. She doesn’t feel that way about you.

Giving head is a very personal thing to many of us. You may come across a woman who actually enjoys giving head, but you’re just not head worthy. She may not be attracted to you in that way. Now, she may allow you to perform on her, but that doesn’t mean she likes you enough to put your schlong in her mouth. #yourenotheadworthy #youdontqualifyforhead.

2. Your approach is all wrong. 

Don’t push her head down. That’s gross. Don’t ask her to suck your dick. That’s offensive (unless you’re at that certain point in your relationship where it can be a turn on). It has to happen organically. If she wants to give it to you, she’ll let you know. Get to know her personality, and then you’ll be able to see how to best approach her. The game that worked on Sally, may not work on Nelly.

3. You don’t smell good.

Not your balls, but your immediate scent may not be pleasing. That doesn’t mean you smell bad, necessarily, but everyone’s natural scent doesn’t agree with everyone else. No matter what cologne you put on, or how much Axe you spray, if your natural scent isn’t attractive to her, it’ll repel her from giving you head. Probably sex too (I say probably because there are women who may look pass smell for their own personal, and/or monetary reasons – you know who you are).  Just because one woman will, doesn’t mean all women will.

4. Your wee wee is ugly.

There are some beautiful penises out there. Conversely, there are some that are very unattractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One woman’s idea of ugly, may be the next woman’s dream phallus. Then there are just universally ugly dicks. She probably won’t tell you if it’s ugly, but she’ll more than likely let you know if it looks good. Don’t assume that your multi-colored wawa looks bad. Don’t assume that your uniformly colored wiener looks good. They come in different shapes, sizes, configurations and colors. Some of them have character. Some are dull. The woman you’re with may not like yours.

5. She was giving you pity sex, and pity sex doesn’t come with head.

If you happen to get some pity sex from a woman that’s probably all you’re going to get. She didn’t want to have sex with you in the first place, but she felt sorry for you. She’s not even sure how she got into that position. The last thing she wants to do is put your penis in her mouth. Listen to how that sounds, “penis-in-mouth”. Not one of the treats of a pity party.

6. She wants you to think she’s a good girl.

Not that giving head makes one a bad girl, but there is a certain connotation that comes with it. She just may not want you to know that about her. Not until you make some kind of commitment.

7. She’s not ready to take that step with you.

She may be feeling you out. This goes back to you being worthy. She may be deciding if you are worth the effort, and trust, it takes a lot of effort.

8. She’s selfish. 

She may love receiving head. That doesn’t mean she is willing to give it. Men don’t have a monopoly on being selfish during sex.

9. It’s just really not her thing. 

Some women are just not into giving oral sex. It takes a lot of fucking work to do it, and to do it right. Every woman doesn’t feel like going through that. The amount of hand, eye, mouth, throat coordination is astounding. It’s not easy. You guys have it easy. Cunnilingus is small potatoes compared to fellatio. It’s comparing eating a peach to someone shoving a banana down your throat. And grabbing your head, pushing it down on the banana making you choke. We are not specially made for that (contrary to what some men seem to believe). Who the fuck wants to go through that? Well, some of us do – but again, ya gotta be worthy. Some women simply don’t like the idea of having your pee pee hole in their mouths.

10.The most horrid and saddest reason is that she’s been raped or molested, and it’s just not something she’s comfortable doing. 

She may not share her entire life story with you. You forcing her head, putting it in her face, or saying something gross to her may remind her of something horrible from her past. Take that into consideration. More woman have been sexually assaulted than will admit it. They carry that burden with them in silence. So don’t assume she’s being difficult, or whatever term you want to use. You never know what someone has gone through.

Bonus thoughts: Now there’s also the issue of semen taste. But you’ve got to get the head  in the first place for her to know that about you. Also, just because she’s giving you head, doesn’t mean she’s going to allow you to bust in her mouth. I mean really, are you actually bust worthy?

So there you have it, [some of] the reasons she may not be giving you head. Not an all-encompassing view, but they are some things to consider the next time you are wondering why she’s not putting her mouth on your tinkledoo.

Agree?  Disagree?  Have something to add? Please share this list and give me your feedback. I’d love to read your comments about this matter.

Thank you for reading!



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